Welcome to the new era

Security technology should be simple. You can plug a printer into a computer today and it instantly recognizes the equipment and allows you to use it. Your digital video surveillance should be as easy as modern plug and play technology. At ProTek, our residential security systems are as easy to use as taking a picture on a digital camera or turning on a computer.

40% of intruders will move to a different home if they see security cameras present, but modern video technology can do more than just keep intruders at bay. Imagine being able to log into your security network to see your children laughing and playing while you’re on the road. You can keep an eye on your nursery to make the little ones are safe.

If you’re having a long day at work, you can even check-in to see how everyone is doing. A ProTek system helps you share more moments while proactively keeping your family safe. Over 73% of burglary attempts today occur in residential settings. 65% of residential burglaries don’t happen at night. They happen when you’re at work during the day. If you have loved ones at home during that time, nothing gives you piece of mind like a video surveillance system that you can check on whenever you feel worried.

Contact us today at 303-395-4226 for a free online demonstration and we’ll show you how we can help you turn your house into the safe, interactive home you want it to be.

So many of us work long hours. We wish we could always be home with our families. Now there’s a way to do just that. It’s technology that offers so much for your home – you just have to see it to believe it. It’s digital video with a 1001 usesĀ as well as: