Protek’s roots run deep in IT. With our extensive backgrounds and expertise in network infrastructure, the melding of a predominately analog security industry and new technology came naturally. Protek, has been leading the field with our ground up innovative solutions. Our specialty is working with our customer to design, build and implement a comprehensive solution to meet their specific needs.

Our Team Is Here To Serve You

Jason EitelOwner
Jason holds a degree in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has taken his education to gain experience in several high tech industries with an emphasis on security, information technology, as well as oil and gas. Jason is an expert at being able to create custom residential and commercial solutions that will meet the specific needs and changing requirements of the modern world.
Craig LeanOwner
Craig has taken his background in the oil and gas industry and transformed how security systems provide proactive levels of protection. He manages the field operations and installations for each account and his project management experience is invaluable to the creation of a custom security solution. Craig has a keen eye for new technologies, which combined with his design experiences, helps to reduce the risks of intruder damage and loss.