What kinds of cell phones support Live Video?

iPhones and BlackBerrys (those compatible with the Alarm.com BlackBerry Application) support live video. Any web-enabled cell phone with an HTML browser can view real-time live images on the Alarm.com PDA site. Streaming video is also available on some phones with full HTML browsers. Note that the data charges by the cellular carrier can be significant [...]

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Will the video feature work with any IP camera or webcam?

No, only Alarm.com cameras and video servers are supported.

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Does the video feature work with all types of panels and gateway modules?

Video is compatible with Simon 3, Simon XT, Concord and NetworX Alarm.com accounts. An interactive service plan is required.

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What are the core video features?

1. View live video through web browser clients, iPhone App, BlackBerry App, PDA and cell phone 2. Motion-triggered recording and notifications 3. Event-triggered recording and notifications (Alarms, arming/disarming, entry-delay, contact sensors) 4. Recordings can be attached to email/mms notifications for immediate review on computers and compatible PDAs and cell phones. 5. Recorded clips can be [...]

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