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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Project name: Ambulatory surgery centers (Denver Metro area) Background: Nationwide ambulatory Surgery centers (300 across the USA) Customer needs/solutions: Network wide video/ access control. Tech used: Exacq, IP video, 3xLogic/Infinias, Aphone entry system

HTM Construction

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  Project name: HTM Construction (Denver, CO) Background: Construction company with locations throughout the USA. Customer needs/solutions: Video, audio, Alarm system, IP phone network, door access control, gate access control as well as IT support. Tech used: IP cameras, SONOS, access control, Asterisk IP PBX, 2gig alarm system.

Sema Construction

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Project name: Sema (Centennial, CO) Background: Construction company with locations throughout USA. Customer needs/solutions: Network wide video/ access control, video Tech used: OnSSI, 3xLogic/ infinias access control, IP cameras, Exacq

Ramah in the Rockies

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  Project name: Ramah in the Rockies (Denver, CO) Background: 300+ acre kids camp in the Rockies with several buildings spread throughout. No existing infrastructure. Customer needs/solutions: Camp wide wireless network IP phone system. Video in critical access points. Capture portal network. Tech used: wireless, Asterisk IP PBX, IP cameras, Untangled.


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Project name: Chevron wind farm (Casper, WY) Background: Wind Farm in Casper, WY Customer needs/solutions: Video at entry points remote viewing and opening at entry gates. Tech used: IP cameras, Site to site wireless, Keri system Door Controllers.

Military Career Recruiting Centers


Project name: Military career recruiting center Background: Recruiting center for all branches of Military. Customer needs/solutions: Video entry system with remote controlled entry. Tech used: Aiphone entry system

One Map

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Project name: One Map (Tyler, TX) Background: Oil/gas investment company with two locations geographically separated in Texas. Customer needs/solutions:  Through rapid growth OneMap needed a firm with expertise in IT infrastructure/ WAN/LAN, IP multi location phone network, network worldwide intrusion detection/firewall security. Tech used: Site to site VPN, Azure AD, Asterisk IP PBX, DFSR, [...]

Spruce Mountain Ranch

Project Name: Spruce MTN Ranch (Larkspur, CO) Background: 100+ acer ranch used for weddings, livestock, auctions, and other privet events. Customer needs/solutions: Replace aging entry system at gate. Tech used: Door king entry, Door king cellular module.    

Chi Omega

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Project Name: Chi Omega (Boulder, CO) Background: Sorority house that is a nationally preserved historic landmark on Colorado University campus in Boulder. Customer needs/solutions: security system with minimal impact to building and minimal building penetrations. House required Code Blue mass notification system with integration in whole house audio/intercom system. They also required full video [...]